This blog is all about a petition, called “End the BBC Licence Fee“, hosted on 38 Degrees. The petition, already signed by thousands, calls for a debate on the future of the licence fee, with the hope the TV licence fee will be abolished in the near future.

As the BBC’s charter will be up for renewal in December 2016, and negotiations over the corporation’s next royal charter will begin after the general election in May 2015, I believe options (such as scrapping the fee, reducing it, transferring it to subscription, taking it from general taxation, replacing it by advertising, increasing it, keeping it the same, or this new awful idea of a levy) should be discussed by the general public and decided by the TV licence fee payer, not the BBC.


Caroline Levesque-Bartlett


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Just a bit of additional ammunition.

    There is currently a series on BBC called the “Last Kingdom”, it is also being shown in the USA. However it is being shown in the US before we see it over here. How is it right that the people paying for the programmes to be made (licence payers) are amongst the last to see them?


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