The government’s consultation on the future of the TV licence will close on 1 April 2020. ​There are two options for those who want to participate: You can complete a survey (the link towards the end of this text) or email a response to . The survey is actually quite short, so I encourage you to use this option. Let me walk you through it.


First, you’ll need to press a couple of arrows to get to the questions and you will need to tick ‘YES” to ‘I have read and understood the disclosure of responses statement’. They will then ask you if ‘you are 16 years old or over’ and if you are ‘responding as an individual or on behalf of an organisation’.

The first real question is: Should TV licence evasion (the use or installation of a television receiver without a TV licence) no longer be a criminal offence? You will need to tick one of the 3 answers:

  • It should no longer be a criminal offence
  • It should remain a criminal offence
  • Don’t Know

They will then ask you why and provide you with a box for comments. I encourage you to write something, but it’s not essential. You can just press the arrow to get to the next question.

The second question is: If you have a view, what alternative enforcement scheme models do you consider to be most appropriate? Why?

There are many ways to fund the BBC: subscription, advertisement, general taxation, donations, household levy, etc. If you have an opinion, tell them which one is best. If you are not sure, I’ve made a logic flow chart (at the end of this document) to help you decide. I personally don’t care, as long as it’s not a flat tax with criminal sanctions anymore.

The third question is: What steps could the Government take to mitigate any impacts that may result from decriminalisation of TV licence evasion?

Again, you will be given a box for comments. You can leave it blank if you want.

The fourth question might be the one where your answer is most needed.
The question is: Please provide any evidence you consider appropriate, especially where there is an impact on those with protected characteristics or the most vulnerable. In other words, they want to know how the current TV licence impact people. Do you feel harassed by the relentless letters they send? Did you get a visit from a TV licence officer? Have you been prosecuted? Convicted? Jailed for TV licence fine default? Do you know anyone who has? If you don’t have a personal experience to share, you can remind them of the number of people harassed, prosecuted and jail each year, the proportion of women and mention that it even included children as young as 10 or 11 at one point.

The survey can be accessed here:

(if the link is not working try this one )

If you want some reading material before you send your comments, I invite you to read my TV licence Cheat Sheet

or have a look at the 5-year table

or read about kids prosecution specifically

Logic flow chart

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