My petition has officially been removed

My petition has officially been removed from the 38 Degrees website. They didn’t send my supporter the email I had written for them last week. They “offered me” to start a new petition elsewhere. They even mention that their mission is to protect democracy! my 393,000 supporters strong petition is shadowed somehow to protect democracy? I haven’t worked out that one yet.


If you want to complain to 38 degrees, you can email them at

I’ll work out the best course of action over the weekend. Any suggestion welcome.

In the meantime, do complete the survey on the Future of the TV licence, it’s crucial, that’s what they wanted to prevent: me telling you about it!

Click here to take the survey

I explain here how to do it (it’s really quick and simple, don’t worry!)

Click here for instructions 

10 thoughts on “My petition has officially been removed

  1. Very disappointing but not unexpected considering it has its roots in Common Purpose and the Blair government. 38 degrees is not all that it might appear to be.


  2. On reading 38 degrees wants to SAVE THE BBC, they should host both save and scrap petitions. It is clear that public opinion clearly want the tax gone. Lord Hall is trying to keep the tax going, but IMHO the wording of the service on change over to a digital system, FREEVIEW means FREE for all to view. If the BBC want to try to survive then it needs to scramble its channels so they are available on either a STB or through a service like Sky or Virgin for a monthly add on fee and leave the rest of us to watch TV that relies on advertising without TVL GOONS knocking on our doors.

    So it was 38 degrees who took the petition down then they will get no more support from me, they are in league with the BBC to keep the tax, which should IMO being scrapped in December 2012 when the last regions went to a digital service.


  3. they removed 400,000 signatures to end the licence fee? .. that should make everyone suspect 38 degrees may well be an enemy within.



  4. I told them that I hope they choke on their dirty money, among other things.

    As for getting coverage on this Covid19 will indeed make that very difficult. Can’t go 5 minutes these days without someone talking to me about it.

    How convenient for them :-/


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