Over 800k charged with TV Licence Offences during the last 5 years

2014-2018Every FOI I’ve done (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) for 2014-2018, compiled for the first time


7 thoughts on “Over 800k charged with TV Licence Offences during the last 5 years

  1. Dear Caroline, Thank you for the stats. I find that I’ve paid the licence fee by direct debit, having dithered about whether to make an issue of it. In principle the fee is for a “Broadcast receiving licence”, but the BBC then reclaims most of it. I see the BBC are still willing to be coercive.   Here’s the letter I sent to DavidLarner of BBCAudience Services in Darlington today. Dear MrLarner,

    We notethat the government has declared its intention to scrap the BBC licence fee.You may recall your deft deflection of our 14 points and hypothesis of”feminist capture”. The corporation’s enthusiasm for exculpation ofwomen involved in domestic violence continues to have the highest visibility.The producer of the BBC2 programme about Sally Challen chose to embed yourjournalists with her legal team and provided much of her defence on air inadvance of the appeal. (This used to be called “jury tampering”). TheBBC was successful, as the CPS revised the charge to manslaughter. The criticalfact was that the accused acquired a hammer and went to the domicile of herestranged husband, where he died from 20 blows to the head, by cause unknown.The new legal principle of illegitimus meruit ferat may be a short-termvictory for both public services, or it may make the Crown Prosecution Service alsosubscription only.

    We notethat John Whittingale has replaced Nicky Morgan as Minister. It may be the casethat our correspondence was read by one of their research assistants. The twoof us were divided about removal of the licence fee. I used to think Radio Fourwas the best thing about being British; alas, no more. 

    As itseems likely the BBC licence fee may disappear, I will declare my subscription preferences.As the Darlington office may be among the first cuts,  I will tell you before it is too late what Iwould subscribe to.

    I willpay a subscription to anything with David Attenborough’s voice-over, and quite alot with Brian Cox, Maggie Aderin-Pocock or Jim Al Khalili. I would only listento BBC news if I cannot get Al Jazeera, The Guardian or China Daily. Gwen wouldrather listen to LBC. 

    Ed and Gwen 


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