The petition was handed over by Andrew Bridgen at 18:13 on 20th January 2016. You can watch it here on Parliament TV.

Hansard can be read here.


It will now be sent to the Department who will respond to it at a later date.


2 thoughts on “Handover

  1. I am happy to pay for the BBC, I love it. And I believe the BBC I player service should be available internationally, for a fee.
    But I am not happy to pay for the TV licence fee and believe it is unfair to force this payment by legislation. It should be like all other current tv services. You pay a subscription if you want to receive it. It’s not fair to tax the poor, for a service they may not even use. I pay for my broadband, my Netflix and my roku. And I would be happy to pay an extra fee for BBC programmes. But not the licence fee!


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