FOI Number of evaders caught by the BBC in 2014/2015

I asked the BBC how many TV licence evaders were caught last year.

They replied: 344,099.

But only 179,993* of them are considered guilty in the eye of the law:
This means 164,106 cases were dismissed before going to court, withdrawn or people were found not guilty.
This also means:
– The BBC consider people guilty before trial (presumption of innocence?! why bother…)
– The 5% evasion rate used by the BBC (which is based on the number of “caught evaders”) is therefore inflated as  nearly half of the “caught evaders” were not, in fact, caught at all.

These findings are backed by the following Freedom of Information request: RFI20151331, BBC, Information Policy & Compliance

* see Complete British File for details:
Now, the BBC think  they can ask the publication of an FOI to be conditional of publishing half a page of drivel. So here it is:

BBC statement

(Highlights are mine)


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