Top 5 of the most cringe-worthy, toe curling, slogans/adverts/crap non-stories ever written by the BBC under the TV licensing trademark

(All content, title and puns are theirs. I’m only responsible for highlighting bits – the original texts are longer – and adding comments in brackets)

  1. Turn to Glastonbury Festival TV coverage to avoid bad weather, says TV Licensing

The stay-at-homes are assured of remaining dry while over 135,000 visitors will be praying for good weather as they arrive at the Glastonbury festival, one of the highlights of this year’s music festival season. Jason Hill, spokesperson for TV Licensing, said: You don’t need to keep an eye on the weather forecast to discover new bands this summer, with extensive airtime planned for Glastonbury, T in the Park, Reading and Leeds festivals. If you’re watching festivals live on TV, online or your mobile, you’ll need a TV Licence, whether you are into reggae or rap. 

  1. TV Licensing: Hoteliers to get ready for Valentine’s get-away

With Valentine’s Day – the first celebratory weekend of 2015 – just around the corner, TV Licensing is appealing to hotels and guest houses across the UK to make sure they are correctly licensed. Peter Ducker, Chief Executive of the Institute of Hospitality, added: Offering guests access to high-quality TV is a big draw for the UK’s wide range of hotels and guesthouses.

(“Oh hello, before I book a stay with you, could you please tell me that you have a TV licence and I will be able to get the BBC in my room” as asked by no hotel or guest house customer on Valentine’s day, or any other day, ever.)

  1. Businesses urged to build a TV licence into their budgets

Mark Whitehouse, spokesman for TV Licensing in Worcestershire, said: “We want businesses to watch events such as the budget without worrying about whether or not they’re correctly licensed. It’s easy for business owners, directors and managers to stay on the right side of the law.

  1. Avoid scrum for licences ahead of 6 Nations

It’s important pubs and clubs are correctly licensed and we know landlords and managers want to stay within the law, which is why we are issuing this advice before the tournament.

  1. The TV programmes proven to improve your chances this Valentine’s day

Nicole Fuller & Stephen Farmer, both TV Licensing spokespersons, said exactly the same thing:”TV has the power to bring us together, and the survey shows how those big TV shows can help break the ice on a first date. If you are looking for love in 2015, make sure you have a TV Licence. Getting caught without one could mean a date with a magistrate and a fine of up to a £1,000.”

(Is that the new tactics to sell more TV licence? Extend the definition of licence payer to include “people looking for love this year”?)

The desperation and shamelessness of those people knows no bound ! But WAIT, theres’s more. There’s a lot of videos to watch too too on  TV licensing TV

Turning genuinely funny letters into unfunny advertisement. Result!

More recent advert, vilifying Scots.

The following is not funny at all. The writing style is similar to the adverts above…

advert business complete

advert restaurant

Sources for the adverts



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