inspired by a comment from David Elstein.


2 thoughts on “Meme

  1. For some, it does of course go beyond ‘value’. Especially beyond the monetary.

    My concerns regard claims of competence, trustworthiness and transparency when there is clear evidence none are warranted or deserved, and further claims (an endless series, but most recently by James Harding) that the BBC seeks, listens to and responds to criticism.

    As any used to the BBC Complaints system (especially those ‘expedited’ after secret, internal Kangaroo courts and DPA-breaching 3rd-party antics which would get most public sector departments swept clean) will know, this is also simply untrue.

    How people perceive the ‘value’ of the BBC’s professional accuracy, objectivity and integrity can only be tested by the BBC’s own systems, up to the mis-named Trust, an entity utterly discredited now even by Parliamentary committees over and over again.

    Yet still used for unaccountable censorship on top of what some feel is too often a social engineering and/or propaganda role the Charter was not meant to protect.

    Being forced to pay for such a service is too unique by far, especially in this day and age.


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