Clever Analogies


Here’s the Cream of the Crop, comments (slightly modified) from the “Reasons for Signing” the petition against the TV licence fee. Drum roll please!

The TV licence Fee is like…

pelting my neighbour’s house with eggs then charging them for the eggs. Ben B.

being told, in a supermarket, “you must buy this mouldy loaf of bread you will never use for £145, or we will prosecute you”. Chris H.

making Tesco the National Supermarket and charge people a fee if they only shop at Aldi. (Ian M.) and  then, demanding access to their kitchen to check their fridge (@tvlicensingblog)

having fishing rods, but no licence for it. If you don’t fish, you don’t need a licence, simple. Where does it say that it’s the Law to tell the TV Licencing Authority that I don’t watch TV? Nikita W. and Teri W.

– Prosecuting people for TV licence evasion is like prosecuting people for collecting rain water instead of using the tap. Caroline L-B

being asked to pay for a service that I never signed a subscription for. Dean S.

….Oh wait, that last one is not an analogy at all. It’s the truth!

Feel fee to add clever analogies of your own as a comment.


2 thoughts on “Clever Analogies

  1. The BBC is guilty of miss-advertising! Their stations are being transmitted (in the uk) on Freeview, when clearly it is NOT! They should be forced to either, encrypt or remove their content, so that non-license payers can still enjoy the authentic FREE channels.


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