£volution of Licence Fee

TV licence fee

The Broad Strokes:

1920: First live public radio broadcast

1922: a 10 shillings radio licence fee was introduced

1926: British Broadcaster Company became British Broadcaster Corporation

1934: Limited regular television broadcasts started

1936: BBC One launched

1946: a £2 TV licence fee was introduced

1964: BBC Two was launched

1968: a £10 colour TV licence fee was introduced (twice as much as the B&W one)

1969-1984: slow climb to £34

1985: CBBC launched and TV licence fee jumps to £58

1988: BBC Sport launched

1986-2010: steady climb to £145.50

1995: BBC Worldwide Ltd launched

1997: BBC News and BBC Three launched, BBC Parliament acquired

1999: BBC Four and BBC Online launched

2002: CBeebies launched

2008: BBC iPlayer and BBC Alba launched

2010: the TV Licence fee has been frozen until 31st March 2017.


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